Sell Equipment

Sell Your Equipment  - We Want Your Surplus Equipment

Selling equipment to us allows you to stretch your equipment budget to acquire newer, more efficient capabilities. It frees up capital and bench space. It eliminates your need for maintenance and storage your equipment that you no longer need. And it prevents your equipment from depreciating and your investment from becoming obsolete. 

Four Nordic's requirements change frequently, so we are constantly looking for different products. Please let us know which products you would like to sell to us. 

We also offer a total concept for data erasure. You can read more here in our Data Erasure Concept 

Contact our Purchasing team for prompt, personalized service.

  • We will negotiate a fair price for your equipment with you. 
  • If you accept our offer, we will issue you a formal purchase order listing the terms and conditions that we agree. 
  • We expect you to wrap and box the equipment to protect it completely for transit. 
  • We will pay the freight charges. 
  • Our insurance covers the value of the equipment from the time you ship it to us. 
  • Typically we require a 10 day right of return period to test the equipment in our technical department. 
  • Payment terms are negotiated at the time the terms are agreed upon. 
  • Fax or mail us an invoice to the attention of Accounts Payable. Reference our purchase order number to ensure prompt payment. (Exceptions are made for individuals.)